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Two and a half years folding one piece of paper 5,377 times
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Vouwkunst voor gevorderden: na twee jaar vouwen is origami van kunstenaar af
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Origami artist spends two and a half years folding one piece of paper 5,377 times 28.1.2022
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El arte en papel del artista de origami Juho Könkkölä
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2021 & Before

1 500 taitosta myöhemmin – jyväskyläläisen origamitaiteilijan Juho Könkkölän käsistä on syntynyt niin samuraita kuin lohikäärmeitäkin
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Origami Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Medieval Knight With Sword and Shield From Single Piece of Paper
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Origami Artist Creates Medieval Knight With a Sword and Shield From a Single Piece of Paper
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Finnish artist exhibits a spectacular Origami piece made out of a single paper.
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Origami figures from the videogame Nier Replicant 21.4.2021
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